Kitsumkalum Business & Opportunities


The Mandate of Kitsumkalum's Economioc Development Officer (EDO) To facilitate, promote and ensure community economic development. To secure opportunities for economic business development, entrepreneurial promotion and development for the creation of local employment.

Priorities and Vision of Kitsumkalum's EDO Research and provide recommendations on economic development opportunities which provide a basis to allow the Kitsumkalum Band to become self suficient and self reliant. EDO's plan on making First Nations Economies work Developing buisiness ventures which are aligned with the First Nations cultural priorities.

The Kitsumkalum people currently operate under the elected Band Council system. The council is elected every two years. Consisting of six (6) Councillors and one (1) Chief Councillor (elected on a separate ballot).

The Kitsumkalum people have given the elected Council, the authority to represent them and to act on their behalf in seeking funding support for the community of Kitsumkalum. Kitsumkalum Band administration currently provides similar municipal services and the delivery of some social, educational and developmental programs.