Kitsumkalum Minnows in the Skeena River from Kitsumkalum on Vimeo.

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Kitsumkalum’s marine vision is to maintain and re-establish our connection to marine resources in our territory. Through marine planning we will assert our authority to manage our territories as we have for generations, and will ensure the continued stewardship of our resources for generations to come.

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Fisheries Operations

>> Manage the Kitsumkalum Aboriginal Fisheries Agreement with Fisheries and Oceans
>> Work with North Coast-Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society
>> Carry out a yearly Creel Survey of the salmon sport fishing in the lower Skeena River in cooperation with LGL Research Manage, monitor and conduct research on the Skeena and Eulachon run in cooperation with NCSFSS
>> Manage the Kitsumkalum shellfish harvesting Contribute to the development of a responsible and sustainable salmon fishing industry
>> Involved in Salmonid Enhancement Programs for Sockeye and Chinook
>> Develop new aquaculture opportunities
>> Research new commercial fishery opportunities
>> Developing capacity in Aquaculture, Fisheries Monitoring, Fisheries Guardianship programs for species of concern such as the Northern Abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana)
>> Reconnect Kitsumkalum youth to traditional ways by engaging the Elders to travel with and teach the youth the traditional harvesting and processing techniques in their traditional harvest areas
>> Cooperate with government and non-government institutions with the research and conservation strategies for species at risk  

Wildlife Operations

>> Manage, monitor and carry out research on the Nation’s Moose hunt
>> Work closely with the BC Conservation Enforcement Officer
>> Work closely with the Province of BC to carry out research on Goat and Bear populations
>> Work closely with the Province of BC to monitor and research endangered species and species of concern in the Kitsumkalum traditional territory and beyond  

Build capacity in the environmental monitoring field both on land and in the marine environment