Treaty Overview

The word “Treaty” is a term, that is used in the B.C. Treaty Process. It’s an agreement that is reached by negotiation. The B.C. Treaty Process is negotiations between Canada, British Columbia, and a First Nation, to reach the goal of achieving a
“Fnal agreement”. Resulting: a modern day treaty.

Why is Kitsumkalum involved in treaty negotiations?
To help create a better future for all of our future generations. So we will have certainty and be able to assist in the education of our youth. So the community can have access to proper health care and other services, provided by a more functional form of
self-government. So the community can have access to the tools to create positive community development. To protect our culture and identity as Kitsumkalum people. To secure lands and resources for all future generations. Kitsumkalum is involved in treaty in hopes of creating a better future for all our grandchildren, and future generations to come.

What is a Modern day treaty?
A modern day treaty is a comprehensive land claim agreement. It will clarify rights regarding land and resources. A
“Final Agreement” will be what is agreed upon by all negotiating parties. It will be protected by the Canadian constitution.